Frank and Lauren: The Story

First they were co-workers. Then they were friends. Then they were more.

Frank and Lauren’s Dot Com is the official website of Frank Spear and Lauren Tharp (soon-to-be Lauren Spear).

This site is a place for Frank and Lauren’s friends and family to get to know each of them, and follow their journey as they transition to becoming One.

It’s just random thoughts and junk written by Frank and Lauren. If you don’t know either of these people, it probably won’t be of much interest to you.

Lauren Tharp


Professionally, Lauren is a writer and an editor. She’s the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing.

She has two pet hamsters (Alward and Collin – The Ham Fam), is an avid reader, a chain vaper, a devout Christian, a mediocre video games player, and a pop culture buff. She collects dolls, reads tarot cards and bones, takes long naps, and enjoys eating perhaps a bit too much.

Frank Spear


Frank is a full-time writer, specializing in ghostwriting. He’s the owner of Spear Content Creation and Knarf’s Clouds.

Frank is the father of two cats (Tina and Flex), is an avid reader, a chain vaper, a video games fanatic, and a horror enthusiast. Frank has a quickly-growing action figure collection, is a caffeine addict, and loves good food.