A (Literally) Healthy Relationship

Hey, Everyone!

Okay. First off… Yes! That’s the hat I’m going to be wearing for Frank and my wedding in April 2019. 🙂 You can’t see my dress, but there were no superstitions/rules regarding hats so… there ya go! Sneak peek!

I’ve never been fond of veils for some reason. They tend to make me think of Halloween ghost costumes. But then I saw the movie Hello, Dolly! when I was a wee one and I got really excited: “She’s wearing a HAT! For her WEDDING!!” And I knew, even at that young age, I had the solution to my aversion to veils. Haha.

Plus, as my good friend Khris Tovar once said back in 1997: “Lauren just isn’t Lauren without a hat!”

As for the dress… I have it. It’s beyond gorgeous. I can’t wait to wear it for the Big Day. But, oh my goodness. If I lose any more weight, I’m either going to have to hire a tailor to take it in a bit, or everyone who attends is going to get an eyeful of my boobs when they come flopping out the front. :O Yeah… I’m either gonna need to stay plump or hire a tailor. Probably the latter. Definitely. (Apologies in advance to anyone who was hoping for a free show lol).

Speaking of weight loss… I wanted to talk a little about the title of this post, if you don’t mind.

Better Together in All Ways

I know I brag a lot about how fantastic my Frank is. Those of you who follow me on social media are probably sick of it already lol. But, honestly, I’ve never really gotten into the specifics of all he’s done for me.

Frank is truly the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. My partner. My soulmate. In addition to making me the happiest I’ve ever been in my LIFE (and that’s a biggie!), here are a few of the things I’ve accomplished thanks to his love and support:

I was able to leave an abusive home life. I won’t go into too many details on this one because it’s more-or-less a private matter, but things with my former roommate got very ugly and I was being abused (verbally, mentally, and emotionally) on a daily basis. Things have since simmered down and said roommate and I are on tentatively friendly terms, but, when it was happening, it was really bad.

I reconnected with my family in the best way possible. I’ve never been this close to my parents! Moving back in with them (Frank’s suggestion!) at this point in my life (when I’m happy and healthy) has been amazing. We’re all the very BEST of friends! Plus, I’ve gotten closer to my two uncles as well.

I recovered from PTSD. I suffered from horrific PTSD for over a decade. Frank encouraged me to seek treatment, and then supported me as I went through it. The treatments were beyond brutal, and I often wanted to quit; but he stuck with me and helped me every step of the way. Now, according to the tests performed on me by my team of doctors, I no longer, medically-speaking, have PTSD. (My original tests rated me at 98% afflicted and now, when last tested, I scored a 3%).

I got my periods under control. Endometriosis is a hell of a thing. My menstrual periods were basically killing me. I was bleeding myself into anemia (not fun), in horrible pain, and just hating life. Frank encouraged me to seek help. And then he stuck with me when the doctors fumbled around trying to figure out what to do. At one point, it looked like I was going to have to have a hysterectomy. I was very upset. No one wants to have an organ removed. And, even though I don’t plan on having children, I’d like to have the option to. But Frank knew all the right things to say (like how I’d be no less of a perfect woman, even if I was unable to bear children), and comforted me while I waited for a solution to be found. And then, when the solution ended up being an IUD, he helped me through the painful adjustment period. (And now, 11 months later, I’m doing REALLY well!!).

My skin cleared up. I still get the occasional zit (usually from work stress — getting things ready for Black Friday last month definitely did a number on my face! lol), but, overall, my skin has been practically glowing. :O It’s amazing what being HAPPY and not constantly stressed out can do to a gal!

I’ve lost weight. I’m still obese, obviously; but I’ve lost a lot of weight. And Frank has been incredibly supportive. I think that really says a lot about him. A lot of bigger dudes wouldn’t feel confident enough to have their lady slim down, you know what I mean? They’d have an “I’m big, so YOU should be big too!” attitude. Not Frank. He loved me when I was in the 300s, and he loves me now that I’ve entered the 200s. I’ve dropped several sizes, and lost over ten inches on my waist alone — and Frank has cheered me on the entire journey!

I sleep well and eat right. My parents deserve some credit for this one too (especially the eating part — thanks for all the homecooked meals, Mom!!), but Frank is the one who, on a daily basis, reminds me to take time out to eat meals; and, every night, reminds me when it’s bedtime. I get so wrapped up in working on various things that I often forget the “basics,” so having those gentle nudges from Frank have really improved my quality of life.

I got an amazing job. Frank has been my Number One Fan so far as my writing/editing career goes. When a KILLER job came my way… I didn’t think I deserved it or could do it. Frank told me otherwise. And here I am, half a year into the BEST job I’ve ever had in my life, all thanks to his never-ending belief that I absolutely could do the job and succeed at it.

I got off the worst of my medications. Surprise! This is a BIG one, and this is my first time talking about it. 🙂 My mental health has improved SO MUCH since Frank came into my life, that I was able to go off one of my mental health meds (the one with all the truly nasty side-effects!). Before Frank, I was on two daily metal health medications plus additional take-as-needed meds. Now? I take ONE daily pill. That’s it! Boo-yah!!

So there you go. That’s just some of the stuff Frank has done to improve my life. Plus, you know, little stuff like making me laugh and smile on a daily basis and just overall enjoy life a bazillion times more.

I’ve helped Frank in similar ways. He’s a more private person and doesn’t like to openly blab about life stuff like I do, so I won’t get too detailed. However, here are a few of the things he’s already stated publicly that I’ve helped him with (so it’s safe for me to repeat them here!):

I’ve made him the happiest he’s ever been in his life. Woo!! That’s a big one! 🙂

I helped him with his career. I helped him whip is writing into shape. And I passed along a job application to him for an amaaaaaaaaazing writing job. And he got the position! That was all him though, honestly. haha. I just shoved the app at him and encouraged him to try; but he got the position based on his own incredible talent. I’m super proud.

I improved his physical health. Frank’s got a ways to go, physically, same as I do; but, he’s already making major progress! One of the BIGGEST things I helped him with was supporting his journey to quit smoking. Woo! He was a heavy cigarette smoker when we met, but I helped him kick cigs to the curb. He vapes now, and his breathing and whatnot have improved SO much! (Plus, I’m betting he SMELLS a lot better too! hehe).

So… yeah. We have a good “healthy” relationship as best friends/partners/soulmates in the “romantic” sense… but we’ve also quite literally made each other healthier human beings. I think that’s pretty rad.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I guess. Frank will be here with me in exactly 14 days (his flight out got moved to January 4th!!). That’ll probably be my next big update. 😀



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