It’s March Already?!

Hey, Everyone!

Frank and I are both ALIVE and doing well!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last made an update on here. Dang! Where did the time go?

Neither one of us has much to report… We’ve just been super busy with our full-time jobs and wedding planning.

Frank fits in beautifully here. It’s like he’s lived here for years and years.

In our (very) limited free time, we play video games and watch movies. And we’ve been playing a lot of board games and card games. We’ll probably play a round of Munchkin with my folks after dinner, provided we don’t all immediately food coma from the giant Sunday night meal Mom has planned (pot roast, baked potatoes with all the fixin’s, etc.).

Frank and I try to leave the house once per week so he can explore his new city. Sometimes we get so caught up with our work that we forget though. haha. On Friday, we looked at our Uber receipts and realized we hadn’t left the house in 12 days!! So we took a quick trip to a local restaurant that was serving breakfast, ate, grabbed some bagels from the bakery for Dad, and then came back home… and got right back to work. LOL!

We’re super exciting. I know. 😛

Actually, we do have ONE exciting thing to announce: Tina and Flex (Frank’s kitty girls) will be arriving in Los Angeles VERY soon!

Tina (left) and her daughter, Flex (right)

Frank’s girls have been patiently waiting in Ohio this whole time. Frank’s been missing them like crazy these past couple months; however, we’ve finally saved up enough money to have them (safely) transported out here to be with us. Woo-hoo!

Here’s hoping they get along with Dorian, the Tharp Family cat…

Dorian Gray (21+ years old)

Or, rather, that Dorian gets along with them! :O

Dorian is a former feral (it took us over a decade to befriend/adopt him!) who pretty much just beat the crap out of every other cat who crossed his path. We’re HOPING that the fact that he’s an old man now, and that Frank’s cats are lovely ladies, will encourage him to be mellow and play nice. We’ll see! Dorian never ceases to surprise us (he gets along with the pet rodents living here!), so we’re all crossing our fingers.

No matter what happens, Frank is going to (literally) have his hands full (of cats). Frank’s kitties are needy daddy’s girls, and Dorian is ALSO quite taken with Frank and demands a lot of his love and attention. In fact, as I’m writing this, Frank is taking a nap and Dorian is happily asleep on Frank’s belly.

Well… that’s all for now, I think!

I’ll try to write another update after the girls get here and are more-or-less settled in.

Until next time,
PS: Wedding invites went out a couple weeks ago. If you got one and haven’t RSVP’d yet… please RSVP. Thanks!

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