Making Room and Making Plans

Hey, Everyone!

Wow. Things finally feel like they’re moving along at a good clip!

There are 26 days left (including today) until Frank is here in California with me. Taking that big cross-country flight (with his kitties!) from Ohio to here. Can you believe that? We can FINALLY say that we’re going to be together IN PERSON in LESS THAN A MONTH!!

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot to prepare for his arrival.

The Great Room Cleaning

I got rid of about half (maybe two-thirds?) of everything I own. I know. Shocking, right? But material goods are whatevs. I needed to make space (literally!) in my life for Frank. I kept my Mighty Max toys though. Which are, I suppose, OUR Mighty Max toys now. So… you’re welcome, Frank. 😛

It was a really interesting experience, to be honest. Going through all the things I’ve accumulated in my 33+ years on this planet. I’m not like a hardcore hoarder by any means (there was room to walk!!), but I did manage to hang onto a LOT of stuff… Like the cow I made in kindergarten out of a milk carton. A rather large ball of rubberbands I’d collected at some point. My very first Barbie doll. Several rocks of various shapes and sizes. Hundreds of floppy disks. Math homework from elementary school (I had a habit of hiding my homework in drawers or boxes instead of actually doing it). And just…dang…a lot of stuff, going all the way back to the 1980s.

Cleaning out my things made me realize two things:

  1. My priorities in life. My top priority, obviously, was to make room for Frank. Because he’s the most important part of my life and I didn’t want him (or his cats) to get buried under a mountain of junk. But, as a secondary priority… deciding what to keep in the end was very interesting to me. Like I said earlier: I only kept about one-third of my possessions; and what remains, I think, gives a lot of insight into who I am as a person.
  2. My OCD was REALLY bad before I was medicated. Like…seriously. How on earth did I last 29 years with my OCD not under control? Wow. I had saved SO much junk that “might come in handy someday.” Rubberbands, screws, pieces of string, bits of wire, scraps of paper, shreds of cloth, buttons, etc. Clearly NONE of that stuff EVER came in handy because it was ALL still there! lol. My poor unmedicated younger self. I felt really bad for Little Lauren. What an unnecessary amount of stress I used to carry with me.

The Great Room Cleaning has been a grand success. It’s been immensely freeing, and my room (soon to be OUR room until we find our own house) has never been cleaner!

I’ll be sure to post some pics once it’s ALL the way done. Our bed should be delivered later this week, hopefully. And Frank’s stuff still needs to come in the mail.

Wedding Plans

Since we’re getting married in about four and a half months from now… We’ve been doing a lot of wedding prep already.

Nailed down the pastor, the location, the wedding party, and the guest list. Also figured out the menu more-or-less, picked out invitations, found the perfect wedding dress, figured out the cake, picked out a cake topper, made decisions about flowers, chose our wedding rings, etc.

Plus, two people have already sent us wedding/moving gifts!! (Thanks again Jo and Donald!). They used our Amazon wish list – which is over in the right-hand sidebar, if YOU would like to send us something too. No pressure though. <3

Man… wedding planning is TOUGH! :O

Getting the wedding party sorted was immensely hard. Some feelings have been hurt already, unfortunately. But hopefully everything is good now? Cross fingers.

The guest list has also been incredibly difficult for various reasons. The first being that I’m INCREDIBLY POPULAR (lol) and know WAY TOO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE. Seriously!!! Like. Okay. My ROOM was borderline hoarder-esque, right? But my FRIENDS LIST is even moreso! I collect PEOPLE. lol.

But it would’ve been WAY too expensive to invite EVERYONE I know. Plus, it woulda looked a little weird for me to have HUNDREDS of people on MY side of the guest list and only a few on Frank’s. (Since most of Frank’s friends are on the east coast, and the wedding is going to be here in California, there weren’t that many of his pals who could fly out for it…).

So, much like cleaning my room, I had to REALLY prioritize. But dang. It was SO much harder trying to pick the people I was closest to than it was picking which dolls or whatever I wanted to keep.

It was very stressful. Very very very stressful. I really hope the friends who aren’t invited won’t feel too hurt.

But, due to space, money, and our general social awkwardness (neither of us likes being up in front of large groups of people); Frank and I decided to keep our guest list as SMALL AS POSSIBLE. Hopefully everyone can understand that.

It’s crazy though! We were like “Okay. We’ll invite a dozen people or less.” Which sounds great, right? Nice and tiny. Very reasonable. Easy to manage. But then EVERYONE wanted to bring a date. So now we have over twenty people coming! LOL!

But, it’s not like we could say no! It’s a wedding! A celebration of LOVE and UNIONS!! We’re not going to say, “This day is about love and joining together… so make sure you come ALONE.” XD

It’ll all work out in the end. Though Mom did bug her eyes out a little when she saw the finalized guest list and realized how many deviled eggs she’d have to make. Woo boy…

Anyway, I guess that’s enough of an update for now.

More updates as things continue to progress!

Until next time,

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