Meeting and Engaging

Hey, Everyone!

Frank arrived safely in Los Angeles on the morning of January the 4th.

Coming from a very small town in Ohio and landing at LAX was very overwhelming for poor Frank. One of the first things he said to me when he landed was “I’ve never seen so many people in my entire life!” I told him “Get used to it.” lol.

Fortunately, Frank didn’t have any luggage with him (he’d mailed everything he owned ahead of his arrival) so he didn’t have to deal with the usual airport nonsense that usually comes along with landing. So that was good. All he had to do was hail an Uber and take a ride to his new home.

I was waiting outside my parents’ house, under a giant WELCOME HOME banner my folks had put up in front of their home. I don’t believe in posting pictures of where I live online for obvious reasons, but it was this 9-foot bright red banner with giant white letters. Very easy to spot.

Frank’s ride pulled up. I was super excited. He thanked his driver and she pulled away. We waved at each other and he hobbled up to the driveway. (Frank’s leg was injured not long ago and has to be bandaged — and the long trip had made him a bit sore).

I met him at the edge of the driveway and he said: “Well. I did it. I told you I would. You believe me now?” And I laughed really hard and agreed that, yes; he absolutely DID travel almost 3000 miles to be with me, just like he promised he would.

Then we hugged for pretty much forever. And then we pulled back and had our first smooch. Nothing too scandalous, of course. Nothing that would shock the neighbors or make Jesus wag His finger. Very pure and sweet. Then we hugged and laughed about stuff for a few more minutes and headed inside.

Frank met my folks and all the pets. Got the tour of the house. And was finally home.

Mom, who couldn’t resist peeking out the window to view our first meeting, said it was one of the sweetest things she’d ever seen. She said, with Frank’s wounded leg and me standing under that banner, it was like watching a soldier returning home from a long war.

As a bonus, when the mail came about an hour later, so did his personal belongings from Ohio. Great timing!

We also took our first picture together. It’s a little blurry because we were still giggling and happy and a little shaky from meeting each other in person for the first time, but yeah. Here it is:

Settling In

To be honest, Frank and I (as well as my parents) settled in really quickly. Frank and I had known each other for over two years and talked about 15 hours a day, every day, during that timeframe. And he’d frequently communicated with my folks over the past six months as well. We were all quite comfortable with each other.

Frank joked: “I’m just like I am online, I just take up more space.”

Very accurate assessment. lol. Though, personally, I think he’s even BETTER in person than he was online. Which I didn’t think was possible, but there you have it. He’s just so adorable. I love being able to hug him whenever I want. And I love making him laugh — it’s my favorite thing ever. I love seeing his face squish up and watching his laughter jiggle his belly. He’s so sweet and cheerful and has a great sense of humor.

My family and I have been have been having a blast teaching Frank about our crazy California ways. So much of what’s “normal” for us in Los Angeles is mind-boggling to Frank.

We’ve especially been having fun introducing him to new food experiences. For example, Frank had never tasted an avocado (our state fruit!) before. Watching his face as he took that first nibble was a blast. The texture really threw him for a loop, but he ended up liking it. Which is good because we have avocado-based everything at our house pretty much (avocado oil, avocado mayo, etc.).

So Frank’s had our local fast food, avocados, sushi, and some other treats just in the 4 days he’s been here. He’s a hip Los Angeleno now. πŸ˜‰

Best Birthday Ever

Monday, January 7th, was my 34th birthday. Dad mercifully restrained himself from making too many cradle robbing jokes (Frank’s 29).

My birthday was just lovely! Frank was impressed by how super popular I am. πŸ˜‰ hehehe. I was getting calls and emails and texts and social media messages all day long. (Side note: Thank you all for doing that!!)

Frank ended up sleeping through part of the afternoon because he’d been tossing and turning with anxiety all night… My birthday was the day he’d chosen to have a very important conversation with my dad and Frank, being Frank, was overthinking it.

While Frank was taking his power nap, I was hanging out with my parents in the dining room. Then, I looked out the window and, to my surprise, I saw my mom’s roommate, Cyndee, from the way back days coming up the driveway. I hadn’t seen her in 19 years, but I recognized her immediately. I told Mom, and Mom got super excited.

Cyndee had lost Mom’s phone number, but was in the neighborhood and miraculously knew where we lived still, so she stopped on by. She had no idea it was my birthday, or that I’d moved back in with my folks. haha. Oh man. Mom was so excited to see her old friend. It was so cute to see them reunited.

I briefly woke up Frank to let him know that there was a guest over (so he wouldn’t be caught off guard if he had to leave the room to pee or something) and he acknowledged me and fell back to sleep. So, since Cyndee couldn’t meet Frank in person (this time!), I showed her pics of him instead. She said he was “VERY cute.” I happily agreed.

After Cyndee left, I woke up Frank legit and we all ate the birthday dinner Mom had prepared. Ribeye pot roast, homemade risotto, and veggies. Mmmmm.

Frank was very quiet and fidgety and eyeballing Dad throughout dinner. Then, Dad got up to take the dishes back to the kitchen and Mom reached over and took Frank’s hand and said, “Just talk to him. It’s going to be fine. I’m psychic. I know these things.” That seemed to put Frank more at ease. He left the room to hit his vape a few times for courage and then came back and tapped Dad on the shoulder and asked to have a private conversation with him.

Frank was asking my dad’s official permission for my hand in marriage.

I knew it’d be fine, but I was still a jittery mess myself, just knowing that conversation was going on in the next room. haha. I went back to Frank and my room and hit my vape a few times as well. But, when Frank came back smiling, I knew it must have gone okay.

Anyway, after a brief break, we headed back out into the dining room. Dad had baked me a cake (which Mom decorated). Triple chocolate fudge with cream cheese frosting. Yum! I was pumped. I hadn’t had any cake since my 33rd birthday.

I wasn’t sure what to wish for on my candles! I already had everything I could possibly want! haha.

But, my family and Frank sang to me and I blew out the candles. And Dad motioned for me to look to my right (at him) to pose for a picture.

Then, when I looked back to my left (at Frank), Frank was holding an engagement ring. My jaw fell open. And Mom excitedly said, “Oh my goodness!! Is that what you wished for?!” lol.

Frank: “So…ah…I was wondering… You down?”

Me: *nodding* “I’m down.”

And then I got up and gave him a kiss and my parents were snapping pics with my cellphone and their digital camera.

I was happy crying and laughing (Frank joked, “I think I broke her!”). My dad was like, “I’m confused. Sooooo… was that a ‘yes?'” and I was like, “YES!!!” And Mom said, “Frank! She said ‘yes.’ Put the ring on her!” And Frank was like “Oh right!!” and slipped it on my finger. Perfect fit.

After that, everyone hugged everyone and then we all ate delicious cake.

Then, we played Monopoly. Mom crushed us all. Frank came in second. I was out of the game a good half an hour before the timer went off. lol. Completely lost at the board game, but still satisfied because I was winning at real life.

Frank and I watched some Twin Peaks and tucked in early. Busy day!

Officially Engaged

So hey! We did it! We’re officially engaged now.

Probably won’t update again for quite some time. After our last few days of paid vacation, Frank and I will need to get back into the swing of things doing our full-time jobs.

So…until next time (whenever that may be),

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  1. Oh man I couldn’t stop reading how awesome and exciting, glad your had such an amazing birthday with lovely surprise. πŸ–€congrats

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