Six Days

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Wow! WHERE has the time gone?!

We’re coming down the home stretch, wedding-wise. We’re getting married THIS Saturday (4/27/19)!

I’m sorry I’ve been so terrible about updating. I was ill for, like, forevvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrr…

I first started feeling sick the day before the cats arrived…

AH! Tangent. The cats arrived! lol. Tina and Flex have been with us here in California since March 19th. Yay!!

Flex (left) + Tina (right)

Tina is my sweet little angel. Flex and I… have some adjusting to do. Heh. She was downright violent for the first few weeks (she’d go out of her way to attack me, even if I wasn’t touching/near her!!). However, we took them to the vet last week and they were both dewormed (tapeworms) and now Tina is even MORE of a sweet little angel baby and Flex is…less violent. Flex still seems a bit miffed/jealous about my relationship with “her” Frank, but she hasn’t gone full rage-chimp and latched onto my arm to draw blood in about a week now, sooooooooooooooooo… progress?? I was even able to pet her briefly the other day after I made an offering of catnip, so I have high hopes for the future.

But, yeah… I was sick from about March 18th onward. Ugh.

EVERY dang week, I was back at the doctor’s office. First I had tonsillitis, then I had the stomach flu (which Dad, Mom, and then Frank caught – but they got better quickly!), and then I just… didn’t get better.

On April 12th, I went back to my doctor AGAIN. But I threw up on his floor while he was examining me and he was like “NOPE!” and admitted me into the ER.

I was in the ER for a good seven hours getting tests done. My doc is sweet though. He stopped by to visit me while he was on his lunch break (12-2pm).

They ended up taking ten(!) tubes of blood, urine, throat swabs, sinus swabs (very painful – I cried), X-rays… the works!

In the end, they discovered that I had an antibiotic-resistant strain of strep throat (probably what caused my initial tonsillitis?), severe acid reflux (GERD), and 3 ulcers (2 in my stomach and 1 in my esophagus).

I was given HARDCORE antibiotics (they were HUGE!!), anti-nausea meds (to take as needed… mainly after taking the antibiotics), acid reflux meds, etc. Whew!!

I’m also supposed to be on a very blaaaaaaaaaaaaaand diet for at least 3 more weeks. So I guess I won’t be hitting the salami tray at the wedding.

Anyway, I’m all better now! I went back to see my doc last Thursday (4/18) and my throat culture came back negative. I finished my run of antibiotics anyway though just to be extra sure. Took the last one of those honking big pills this morning! Woo!

My doctor was like “Make sure you don’t stress” and yadda yadda. Ummmmmmmmm… that’s kind of impossible?? This is my first day back to work (starting in about twenty minutes!) and I only have five days left to prepare for the BIG DAY on Saturday. “Don’t stress.” Please.

I’m glad to be back at work though. It’ll be good to DO something besides rest/recuperate. Also, I used up all of my PTO after the first week of being sick soooooooooooo… it’ll be very nice to start earning money again. April has been ROUGH with me not earning anything due to illness. Plus, April is always my folks’ slowest month (all the monster peeps spend their dosh at Monsterpalooza instead of collecting). So poor Frank has basically been the only earner this month, paying all the bills and whatnot…

HUGE thanks to my uncle, Mike, for the early wedding gift of CASH. Thanks to him, we’ll have FOOD to serve on Saturday; and Frank was able to buy wedding pants. Thank you!!!

Speaking of guys named Mike…

Frank and I met with “Magic” Mike (cardician-turned-minister) on Saturday (4/20) to discuss the ceremony. Mike is going to be officiating for us!

Our minster, pictured here, holding a wooden sword (circa March 2007)

Mike is going to be great! He also promised to keep the ceremony short and sweet – no droning on and on. 🙂

Also, if anyone has a deck of cards on hand, I encourage you to approach Mike during the reception. lol. As a former cardician (a magician who specializes in card tricks), I’m SURE he’s still got a few great tricks that’ll dazzle you. 😉

Anyway, I’m running low on time here (work starts in just a few minutes!!), so I’m going to wrap things up.

This week: work, pick up the marriage license, more work, and then Friday off for last-minute prep.

Christi (Maid of Honor) will be flying in from Texas on Friday. And Leslie (my childhood babysitter, who will be performing the unity ceremony) will be flying in from Illinois that same afternoon. Everyone else with an invite who RSVP’d should be showing up on Saturday. Exciting!!

The next time I write, I’ll be Mrs. Lauren SPEAR!!! 😀

Until then,

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