Six Weeks

So, about two years ago, I met this dude online (through work). We became instant friends. The BEST of best friends.

We loved each other immediately. Reflecting back now, I think it’s safe to say we were in love after our first conversation — though, being rational people, neither of us wanted to admit that until recently.

My living situation was… complicated. My roommate and I had a long and bizarre history that, after over a decade, began to manifest into something rather ugly.

Then, this summer, that changed. I moved back in with my parents.

It was at that time — having moved away from the toxic environment I had been in for so long — that I truly got in touch with my feelings. Namely, my feelings for Frank. I confessed that I loved him. And, to my delight, he felt the same way.

So, in August 2018, we upgraded from “best friends” to boyfriend/girlfriend. It was pretty sweet.

“Let’s take things slow,” we said.

Haha. That seems so funny now.

The more we talked, the more we realized we had ALWAYS been more (even if we didn’t admit it until recently). That we had been “together” for nearly two years. So… wasn’t that slow enough?

So “Let’s take things slow” turned into “Let’s get this show on the road!” And we started planning our future together.

Frank made his intentions to marry me clear. I was hype.

Plans were made for a visit (and engagement!) in January, followed by Frank moving cross-country to be with me permanently come July 2019.

However, Frank’s own toxic living environment came to a head. Plans had to be sped up even further.

Now, Frank is moving cross-country to be with me, permanently, in January 2019! :O

The engagement is still happening then too. 😉

We’re going to stay with my parents for a few weeks while we hunt down a home to call our own. Get married. And then… spend forever together!

Am I prepared to marry a man I’ve never met in person? lol. You bet I am! I’ve never been more sure about anything/anyone in my life.

In just shy of six weeks, both our lives are going to change forever.

And…uh…if you’d like to help us out with this HUGE transition (moving, marriage, etc.), please consider hitting that PayPal “donate” button in the right sidebar. We’d BOTH be forever grateful. <3

More updates as things progress!

Until next time,


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  1. I’m beyond happy for you both!!! When you know, you know!!! He is such a great guy and already takes good care of you!!!!

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